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Get your own High Profit Marketing Plan to make 2013 your BREAKTHROUGH year

If I told you that 2013 could be your breakthrough year with the income you desire and the lifestyle freedom you want, without a lot of time, money or effort, would you be interested? I thought so. The great news … Continue reading

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Realtor & Mortgage Broker High Profit Marketing Plan – Free Webinar

Join me for a FREE 60 minute webinar where I’ll break down: how to fill your sales funnel with high quality leads continuously (you’ll be surprised by how easy this is) the secret behind a “high profit” marketing plan, that costs you … Continue reading

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How to turn your failures into a success

When you hear your client decided to use another Agent, or they stop returning your calls, the last thought that probably crosses your mind is that the deal was a success, right? It turns out, it just might be! For … Continue reading

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Ask Ingrid

Every month we receive countless questions from readers like you. On occasion we post the questions we feel would benefit the group. Question: Hi Ingrid, I’m worried I’m sending mixed messages with my personal brand on social media. My background … Continue reading

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