Free Webinar: 101 Free & Easy Ways to Promote your Business

Join me this Thursday, December 20th at 1pm when I share how you can promote your business for FREE, with tactics that convert like crazy!

In my 13 years+ of marketing, both for big brands, and little guys, I’ve seen a million ways from Sunday to promote a business – from campaigns that cost many, many $1,000,000′s, to campaigns that cost nothing! And now I’ve put all of my favourite tactics that cost nothing and covert like crazy into one single reference point for you!

In this webinar I’m going to cover:

  • the 5 BEST ways to promote your business for free
  • the #1 reason why you aren’t getting results from your paid marketing
  • 3 biggest mistakes Agents make when trying to promote themselves
  • how many leads you should actually be getting from marketing, and why you’re probably nowhere near that (and of course, I’ll show you what to do instead)

Last week I showcased the 101 Free & Easy Ways to Market your Business during my High Profit Marketing Plan workshop and the feedback was INCREDIBLE!

Here’s just a short snippet of the feedback:

“A fantastic list of proven marketing tactics that convert incredibly well” Jaime da Sliva from Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

“A great resource! Whenever I’m not sure what I can do to promote my business, I can quickly refer to this list and make sure that I’m always promoting, and everything is free!” Tom Mitchell from Century 21

“Extremely helpful in presenting a variety of options to pursue” Jeff Usher, Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital Ltd


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  1. Brian Crabtree says:

    Thx for the info..

    Happy Holidays Ingrid,



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