Happy New Year

Here’s wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and an incredible 2013.

It’s a great time of year to take stock of your life and your business, to see if you could improve some things, to see if maybe some small tweaks could be made, or in other cases if huge adjustments need to be made to get you where you want to be.

If you made a New Years Resolution we’d love to hear it! Be sure to share it on the JOLT Marketing Facebook page wall at https://www.facebook.com/JOLTmarketing

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Free Tele-Class “The 5 Keys to Getting All the Business You Want”

Congratulations on signing up for the Free Lead Generation Tele-Class on “The 5 Keys to Getting All the Business You Want”

The call is on Tuesday, March 19th at 1pm EST.

To get on the call:

Dial this number: +1 559-670-1000

Use this access code: 696943

PLEASE print out the Action Guide (below) before we get on the call so you can follow along.

5 Keys to Lead Generation Worksheet

IMPORTANT! This is a live call, and a recording will NOT be available. If you want to learn how to generate all the business you want, make the live call time at 1pm EST tomorrow.

“See” you tomorrow!



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Free Webinar: 101 Free & Easy Ways to Promote your Business

Join me this Thursday, December 20th at 1pm when I share how you can promote your business for FREE, with tactics that convert like crazy!

In my 13 years+ of marketing, both for big brands, and little guys, I’ve seen a million ways from Sunday to promote a business – from campaigns that cost many, many $1,000,000′s, to campaigns that cost nothing! And now I’ve put all of my favourite tactics that cost nothing and covert like crazy into one single reference point for you!

In this webinar I’m going to cover:

  • the 5 BEST ways to promote your business for free
  • the #1 reason why you aren’t getting results from your paid marketing
  • 3 biggest mistakes Agents make when trying to promote themselves
  • how many leads you should actually be getting from marketing, and why you’re probably nowhere near that (and of course, I’ll show you what to do instead)

Last week I showcased the 101 Free & Easy Ways to Market your Business during my High Profit Marketing Plan workshop and the feedback was INCREDIBLE!

Here’s just a short snippet of the feedback:

“A fantastic list of proven marketing tactics that convert incredibly well” Jaime da Sliva from Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

“A great resource! Whenever I’m not sure what I can do to promote my business, I can quickly refer to this list and make sure that I’m always promoting, and everything is free!” Tom Mitchell from Century 21

“Extremely helpful in presenting a variety of options to pursue” Jeff Usher, Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital Ltd


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Get your own High Profit Marketing Plan to make 2013 your BREAKTHROUGH year

If I told you that 2013 could be your breakthrough year with the income you desire and the lifestyle freedom you want, without a lot of time, money or effort, would you be interested?

I thought so.

The great news is that setting yourself up for ultimate success so you have a steady stream of high quality leads, and highly motivated, loyal and trusting clients ready to work with you is easier than you would imagine. You just need to know what to do. You need a plan.

A plan that puts high quality leads at your office door that are already “pre-sold” on working with you.

Ask yourself, do you want to create a business that is:

- constantly warming up leads for you?
- providing a steady stream of clients that are motivated, loyal and understand your value?
- allowing you to live life on your terms, and not at the whim of your clients?
- providing a steady income, without the peaks and valleys this industry provides?

If you answered yes to the above, I’d like to invite you to a rare live workshop where together we’ll build a High Profit Marketing Plan that:

- sets up multiple lead capture systems for your business, so you’re getting more motivated prospects in your database than ever before
- includes a “success roadmap” unique to you, so you’re constantly nurturing leads and receiving warm contacts that are pre-qualified
- leverages the best of the low to no cost marketing tactics so you’re getting phenomenal results with little to no $
- ties all of your marketing tactics together, so instead of many lose ends, you have one solid marketing & sales flow where clients are more engaged, more motivated and more loyal
- creates a rock solid plan for 365 days of success so you have systems in place that are always capturing, nurturing and warming leads – you literally set it up, and let the magic happen all year long!

Find out more here: http://highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com/#

With 2013 less than one month away, it’s time to put your plans together so you can set yourself up for ultimate success in 2013. As they say:

People don’t plan to fail…they fail to plan.

And I’m guessing that’s not what you want to do.

Instead, you’d rather have a complete plan that is tried, tested, proven & effective, that is totally customized for your business, and showcasing your strengths. You want stress free, success, without all the guesswork, wasted $ on things that don’t work, and frustration over the busy/dead cycle your business offers when you don’t have systems in place continuously serving up warm, pre-qualified leads that are already pre-sold on working exclusively with you.

Find out how you can build it here: http://highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com/#


If you want to make 2013 your breakthrough year, this event is a MUST ATTEND!

Why, you ask?

Between all the seminars, conferences, Office meetings, and marketing offerings, you’re hit with 100+ ways to grow your business, with different marketing ideas that you can put in place. If you put any of those pieces into play, without having *the big picture* of your marketing and sales flow, chances are 99.9% that you have many “dead ends” where you are sending your prospects.

You see, the challenge most Agents have is not in putting tactics into play…it’s putting them into play in a larger plan, so each piece leads your prospects through a well planned lead nurture process, where they build trust, loyalty and respect for you, your business style, and what you can do for them. When you send your prospects to “dead ends” you not only make much more work for yourself, you also close about 50% of the deals you should be. Worse than that, you’re actually leaving a ton of $$$ on the table, and warming up leads for other Agents to come in and scoop up your deals!

Find out how you can get your own High Profit Marketing Plan here: http://highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com/#



And of course, I’m proud to stand behind all of my training events with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I’m positive you’re going to find this training invaluable, and if you apply these learnings you will get INCREDIBLE results in your business. To back that up, I’m proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you come to the training and you’re not satisfied, just tell me before the 3rd hour starts (before 11am), and I’ll give you a full refund.

If you want 2013 to be your breakthrough year, you need to plan for it. Your first step is to find out about the Workshop where you can build your own plan: http://highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com/#

To your success!







P.S. In fairness to you, I have to tell you that I rarely ever do live training events, so the tickets have been selling really quickly for this one. To make sure you don’t miss out, reserve your spot here: http://highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com/#


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Realtor & Mortgage Broker High Profit Marketing Plan – Free Webinar

Join me for a FREE 60 minute webinar where I’ll break down:

  • how to fill your sales funnel with high quality leads continuously (you’ll be surprised by how easy this is)
  • the secret behind a “high profit” marketing plan, that costs you little to no $, but delivers HUGE results
  • the #1 mistake Agents make in Marketing plans, and how you could be missing out on thousands, if not tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of $$$
  • the “no fail” map you need to follow in your business to scoop up all the opportunities that are left behind by others
  • how to get 365 days of success with your High Profit Marketing Plan

To join the webinar enter your contact details in the box below and we’ll send you the details shortly.

To your success!






Referred to as “The No Nonsense Marketing Maven,” Ingrid Menninga has xray vision for carving out marketing opportunities and the creativity to convert them into gold! Ingrid delivers high impact, low cost, customized marketing strategies for turbo?charging entrepreneurs and small business owners to great profits.

After 12 years of working with legendary companies such as Carlson Marketing Group, Pizza Pizza, Invis Mortgages, and Royal LePage Canada, she left corporate Canada to launch JOLT Marketing

In just 3 short years after starting JOLT Marketing, Ingrid has carved out a spectacular success roster working with Canada’s leading Real Estate and Mortgage brands such as Slavens Real Estate, GWL Realty Advisors, Mortgage Architects,Dominion Lending Centres, and Oriana Financial, to the tune of delivering a 250% increase in sales and participation on average.

Having achieved high accolades for skyrocketing sales for countless companies, Sales Agents and budding Entrepreneurs with high profit marketing campaigns, Ingrid is frequently asked to share her expertise in industry journals such as Canada’s Real Estate Magazine – REM, at speaking engagements for RE-Bar Camps and InMan’s Agent ReBoot, and in Sales Seminars for industry organizations such as IMBA (Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario) and other leading industry organizations.

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How to turn your failures into a success

When you hear your client decided to use another Agent, or they stop returning your calls, the last thought that probably crosses your mind is that the deal was a success, right? It turns out, it just might be!

For most of us, we take critiques, or rejection as bad news…the kind of news you need to bury in the back of your mind so you can stay positive, and focused on getting another client.

You may be missing your golden opportunity. When someone decides not to work with you, or has some feedback on how you work, do yourself a favour and ask more about why they think that way. If it makes it easier for your to hear, pretend you’re the head of a big company, and that you had very little involvement in the project, but are committed to improving it.

Your goal is to research what went wrong, so you can “right” it.

Ask questions, listen carefully and take notes. You want to know why this person wasn’t thrilled with their experience.You want to know what exactly went wrong. You want to know what you should have done instead.

These comments are invaluable to your business – chances are high a lot of other people feel this way, but nobody is telling you. This mistake could be costing you a lot of money.

After finding out what happened, your next step is to take this feedback and fix it in your business.

Here’s an example.

Amanda is an experienced Realtor in the 5 Steps to More Leads and Big M.O.N.E.Y training program who went on a listing presentation. She did her presentation, answered all the questions, and left feeling great – only to be told that her prospect was going with another Agent in an email a few days later.

Amanda was upset, she’d lost the business after all! But in our training program I encouraged her to call the client and find out what went wrong. It turns out the client had another Agent do a presentation right after her, who stressed the importance of working with a team, and that convinced the prospect to chose the other Agent instead.

With this information – basically a client objection – Amanda was able to update her listing presentation with a slide showcasing her strengths, and how her Brokerage works like a team.

For each objection you hear from clients you want to make sure that you deal with it upfront, and turn that objection into a success!

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Ask Ingrid

Every month we receive countless questions from readers like you. On occasion we post the questions we feel would benefit the group.

Question: Hi Ingrid, I’m worried I’m sending mixed messages with my personal brand on social media. My background is in film and theatre as a performer and writer, which I continue in my spare time as a freelancer. I’m also a Mortgage Broker. On LinkedIn my heading is Mortgage Agent and Freelance actor/writer/producer. To be honest, I am worried that this looks like am divided. I’m worried that realtors and bankers will get concerned that I’m not available and competent to work in mortgages and concerned that my film contacts will wonder if I basically quit the film business. John Ghiz, Mortgage Shop Toronto

Answer: Hi John, Have you considered specializing in “Mortgages for Artists”? The best case scenario is that you’re able to combine your 2 jobs into one so that it seems perfectly natural. Now you have a complete disconnect, and since it makes your uncomfortable, others probably feel that. Find a way to blend the two, and you’ll be more comfortable, and it will be easier for you to promote. You are also at an advantage with this group since you understand their specific needs and challenges (this niche has their own lending challenges, and if you specialize in this group you can easily become the expert for this group and pick up tons of referral clients and word of mouth marketing), you can speak to them in their language, and you get regular face time with them. Ingrid, JOLT Marketing

Have a question? Please feel free to send us your questions to info@joltmarketing.com

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Join our new mailing list

We’re switching email providers in the near future which means you’ll have to opt-in to our new list to keep getting free marketing tips, invites to webinars, and secrets to building a better & more profitable business.



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Free Webinar: How to Build a High Profit Marketing Plan




Join this FREE 60 minute webinar where I’ll break down:

  • how to fill your sales funnel with high quality leads continuously (you’ll be surprised by how easy this is)
  • the secret behind a “high profit” marketing plan, that costs you little to no $, but delivers HUGE results
  • the #1 mistake Agents make in Marketing plans, and how you could be missing out on thousands, if not tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of $$$
  • the “no fail” map you need to follow in your business to scoop up all the opportunities that are left behind by others
  • how to get 365 days of success with your High Profit Marketing Plan

To join the webinar enter your contact details in the box below and we’ll send you the details shortly.

To your success!


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NEW! 101 Free & Easy Ways to Market Your Business

Ever wanted to have a short reference guide with tons of great ideas on how you can market your business – for FREE? If you’re like most people we know, you’re always scouting out great promotional ideas that deliver big results, and cost nothing.

Problem is, most people don’t really know what to do, or how to do it so that it actually delivers the great results that they should be getting.

To solve that problem we’re putting together a new product – a free & easy marketing checklist with a guided audio description of each marketing idea – to help you market yourself better, for less.

HAVE YOUR SAY! We’re putting the final touches on this product so you have a chance to raise your hand and tell us what you need help with! Fill out the information below for more information.


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