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Conversations that Close

Do you wish there was a “magic pill” that could make selling a million times easier for you?

If yes, I have some good, and not so good news.

The not so good news is that there’s no magic pill….the GREAT news is that selling is easy and fun, once you’ve mastered a style of selling that is a fit with your personal style.

Here’s what I mean:

I’m not a hard sell type of person…so any scripts or training that try to teach that, don’t work for me.

I am however someone who loves what I do, and am a firm believer that Brokers and Agents will be more successful, make more money, have better clients and enjoy their life more if they take action with what I have to offer.

It’s not B.S.

It’s not a chant I say to myself in the mirror to convince myself every morning.

It’s something I believe to my core.

And once I mastered the ability to have that genuine belief come through in my sales style, without coming across as pushy or preachy and without ever “leaving a sale on the table” I realized it is something I am meant to share.

If you would like to learn more about authentic selling through “conversations that close”, please join my upcoming free training on Tuesday, February 23rd at 130pm EST by signing up here:


In this FREE training webinar you will learn:

* why selling with authenticity is a million times better than old school sales tricks

* how invitation based selling works, and why it feels like you’re not actually selling

* what are “offers” and how they work with invitation based selling

* what offer to make when, and how making the wrong offer will kill the sale

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If you know you could be more successful, and are ready to learn a sales style that actually feels good, and has prospects magnetized by your marketing, this free training is a must attend.

I’ll even go so far as to say, the only reason not to attend is that you literally have SO much business you don’t want any more.

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Every time I share this sales style, I hear feedback like “that felt so good!”, “I doubled my business using this”, and “I’ve finally figured out a style that works for me…and I’m closing way more business”!

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To your success,
Ingrid Menninga
JOLT Marketing Founder

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