How to Stand Out and Get Noticed While Networking (Without Being Obnoxious)

Without knowing it, you could be hiding from leads and potential clients – without meaning to! But if you’re interested in real estate lead generation, or mortgage lead generation, you need to make sure you get noticed.

To give you some easy tips on how to stand out, get noticed and attract clients, I put together this short video on some of my favourite (& insanely easy) tricks on how to stand out at Events. (Click Play to Watch)

1. Get out there and meet the people! When you do this, make sure you wear something that will stand out in a crowd. If everyone is wearing white, wear blue, for example. At most social events, everyone is wearing grey, navy, or black….so even in a white dress shirt, it’s easy to set yourself apart

2. Compliment people. People like to do business with people they like, so use this as a conversation opener and you’ll get a warm reception

3. Ask questions. WAY too many Sales Agents push, push, push their listings/rates, or anything else on anyone that will listen. Ask questions, seem interested, and drop little seeds about what you do with a “benefit infused” description. If the person you are talking to ask about it (which they will), it’s your chance to chat business in a really subtle, smooth way that will leave your contacts asking for you to keep in touch!