Want to sell more real estate? Here’s how to start

This morning we’re interviewing Giovanni Marsico and Amit Bhandhari from Sotheby’s International Realty Canada – and it’s going to be massive!

Giovanni has only been a Real Estate Agent for 2 years and he recently sold over 50 condos in a pre-construction building in 2 weeks – that’s more than most Agents sell in one year!

Amit has a totally different approach to business – and at one point even thought about getting out of the business…until he discovered what really worked for him and brought him massive success in the condo real estate market in Toronto.

Giovanni and Amit will be sharing great insight into what other Agents can do to become more successful including:

*low cost high profit marketing tactics that work incredibly well

*what other Agents are doing that makes these guys crazy

*easy tactics that you can implement right away to make more $$$

The call is today (Monday, June 11th) at 11AM EST.

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