How to turn your failures into a success

When you hear your client decided to use another Agent, or they stop returning your calls, the last thought that probably crosses your mind is that the deal was a success, right? It turns out, it just might be!

For most of us, we take critiques, or rejection as bad news…the kind of news you need to bury in the back of your mind so you can stay positive, and focused on getting another client.

You may be missing your golden opportunity. When someone decides not to work with you, or has some feedback on how you work, do yourself a favour and ask more about why they think that way. If it makes it easier for your to hear, pretend you’re the head of a big company, and that you had very little involvement in the project, but are committed to improving it.

Your goal is to research what went wrong, so you can “right” it.

Ask questions, listen carefully and take notes. You want to know why this person wasn’t thrilled with their experience.You want to know what exactly went wrong. You want to know what you should have done instead.

These comments are invaluable to your business – chances are high a lot of other people feel this way, but nobody is telling you. This mistake could be costing you a lot of money.

After finding out what happened, your next step is to take this feedback and fix it in your business.

Here’s an example.

Amanda is an experienced Realtor in the 5 Steps to More Leads and Big M.O.N.E.Y training program who went on a listing presentation. She did her presentation, answered all the questions, and left feeling great – only to be told that her prospect was going with another Agent in an email a few days later.

Amanda was upset, she’d lost the business after all! But in our training program I encouraged her to call the client and find out what went wrong. It turns out the client had another Agent do a presentation right after her, who stressed the importance of working with a team, and that convinced the prospect to chose the other Agent instead.

With this information – basically a client objection – Amanda was able to update her listing presentation with a slide showcasing her strengths, and how her Brokerage works like a team.

For each objection you hear from clients you want to make sure that you deal with it upfront, and turn that objection into a success!