Time Blocking For Maximum Productivity

It’s Monday, and just like every other Monday, you’re given a FRESH start to a new week. That means you get a NEW chance to make this week count big for your business!

To make sure you’re achieving your business goals, and attacking the tasks that will bring in more money for your business this week, we’d suggest time blocking.

At JOLT Marketing, every Monday we spend the first few hours of the day prioritizing what’s important for this week, schedule it in our calendars, and time block to make sure it actually gets done! It’s a great way to see the positive changes you’re making in your business, you’ll easily see how much (or how little) you’re actually achieving each day, and if you do your planning properly you’ll be able to really increase your productivity. Which is a very nice way of saying “work smarter not harder”….or “work less, make more!”

One important consideration for time blocking is to make sure that any activity that is income generating gets top priority in your weekly plan, and in your time blocking. Don’t fill up your calendar with Admin tasks, and other less important duties that fill up your time, but don’t actually bring in revenue.

Not sure how to time block? Here are some helpful articles that you can reference:



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