NEW! Get Regional Mortgage and Real Estate “Done for You” Social Media Posts

Regional Content

Increase your online influence and impress local prospects with relevant regional content!

Now you can get regional Real Estate and Mortgage posts with your “Done for You” social media service for Mortgage Brokers – at no extra cost.

We’ve added a new category for your mortgage broker social media service called “Regional Real Estate and Mortgage Content”, which you can now select as part of your “Done for You” social media service.

With this category you get timely, educational updates on local real estate trends including home prices and sales activity and regional government changes such as provincial down payment programs or foreign buyers taxes that makes you look like an expert that’s on top of your game!

To add this new category to your social media service at no extra charge*:

Go to
Click Manage Your Profile(Login) in the top right hand corner
Once logged in, click “Publishing Preferences” from the left side menu
Select the regions you would like Mortgage and Real Estate Updates for – it’s best to choose areas where you are licenced to service
While you’re here, it’s also a great idea to review & update your categories and make sure your content selections still work for you.
Click “Save” when you’re done

*This category is FREE for existing clients. If you’re not yet a client and want to get a FREE trial of our “Done for You” Social Media service for Mortgage Brokers, please email to schedule a demo and free trial.

Here’s examples of recent regional posts:

Here’s a post for British Columbia:

Vancouver Market Update 3

Here’s a post for Alberta:

Calgary Market Update

Here’s a post for Ontario:

London Market Update

Helpful Hints

* Your “Done for You” social media service can post to 4 places for you – get the most from the service by connecting them all. Your personal Facebook profile, your Facebook business page, Twitter and Linkedin can get automatic posts using the “Done for You” social media service. If you want to see which sites you’ve connected, go to the “Social Media Accounts” tab on the left side menu once you’ve logged in to

* Linkedin requires you to confirm that you still want us posting for you – every 60 days. When it’s time to confirm permissions, you will automatically receive an email from Mortgage Bulletin saying we can’t post to Linkedin until you confirm the permissions. Please follow the instructions in the email to reconnect your account.

* The more people that see your posts the better! Want more people to see your posts?

Here are 3 things you can do to help get more exposure:

1. If a post is relevant to someone, tag them in the comment section of your post (to tag someone, start typing their name as a comment and you’ll automatically see a drop down list of people that match the name you are typing).

2. Grow your influence by continually adding friends to your Facebook profile, asking people to like your page, following people on Twitter, and sending invitations to connect on Linkedin. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your recent clients and referral partners first.

3. Like getting Realtor referrals?
Make it easy for them to remember you, and add value to your relationship by sharing the best listings they post on social media on your own profiles. When you do this, make sure you also tag your Realtor, so they know that you are promoting them! When you call them up a few days later asking for referrals, you’ll get a better response as you started by giving to them first, before you asked for anything!

QUESTIONS? Please email us at

If you’re not yet a client and want to get a FREE trial of our “Done for You” Social Media service for Mortgage Brokers, please email to schedule a demo and free trial.

FREE Training: How to Boost Sales, Feel Good & Have Fun!

Conversations that Close

Do you wish there was a “magic pill” that could make selling a million times easier for you?

If yes, I have some good, and not so good news.

The not so good news is that there’s no magic pill….the GREAT news is that selling is easy and fun, once you’ve mastered a style of selling that is a fit with your personal style.

Here’s what I mean:

I’m not a hard sell type of person…so any scripts or training that try to teach that, don’t work for me.

I am however someone who loves what I do, and am a firm believer that Brokers and Agents will be more successful, make more money, have better clients and enjoy their life more if they take action with what I have to offer.

It’s not B.S.

It’s not a chant I say to myself in the mirror to convince myself every morning.

It’s something I believe to my core.

And once I mastered the ability to have that genuine belief come through in my sales style, without coming across as pushy or preachy and without ever “leaving a sale on the table” I realized it is something I am meant to share.

If you would like to learn more about authentic selling through “conversations that close”, please join my upcoming free training on Tuesday, February 23rd at 130pm EST by signing up here:


In this FREE training webinar you will learn:

* why selling with authenticity is a million times better than old school sales tricks

* how invitation based selling works, and why it feels like you’re not actually selling

* what are “offers” and how they work with invitation based selling

* what offer to make when, and how making the wrong offer will kill the sale

Click here to save your spot:

If you know you could be more successful, and are ready to learn a sales style that actually feels good, and has prospects magnetized by your marketing, this free training is a must attend.

I’ll even go so far as to say, the only reason not to attend is that you literally have SO much business you don’t want any more.

If however, you are looking to grow your business, are open to learning a new sales style that does not feel “salesy” at all, and you’ll actually take action with what you’ve learned, sign up here:

Every time I share this sales style, I hear feedback like “that felt so good!”, “I doubled my business using this”, and “I’ve finally figured out a style that works for me…and I’m closing way more business”!

If you want those results, join me here:

To your success,
Ingrid Menninga
JOLT Marketing Founder

P.S. Make sure you mark your calendar and set a reminder for this free training after you register here:

How To Get More Support For Your Business


2016 is here and it’s time to ROCK your SALES!!!

And, like they say…it takes a village to be successful.

But what if you feel like your professional village doesn’t really have your back?

To help you out with this I created a short video that covers:

  • Why support is critical to your success
  • 3 ways to identify that you’re not getting the support you need
  • What you might be doing that makes it impossible for others to help you
  • How to have people go way out of their way to help you and get more business support than you ever imagined (and feel great about it!)​

Click below to watch the uncut, unedited, no B.S., just straight goods video.

To your success,

Ingrid Menninga
JOLT Marketing Founder


New IMBA – JOLT Marketing Partnership with IMBA Social Media, a “Done for You” Social Media Service


IMBA launches “Done for You” Social Media Service for Members

For Immediate Release.

Toronto, ON. On Thursday, April 23rd the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario (IMBA) launched its “Done for You” Social Media Service called IMBA Social Media. The service updates users Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with high quality, relevant content and is designed to drive repeat and referral business. IMBA Social Media officially launched at IMBA’s Annual Conference and Trade Show with a 21 day free trial and $350 bonus for Brokers interested in trying out the value added service.

IMBA Social Media is a member benefit partnership between IMBA and JOLT Marketing. According to Veronica Love-Alexander, Executive Director, Member Relations IMBA, “IMBA is thrilled to partner with JOLT Marketing and to provide members with an extremely valuable membership benefit. Our members know they need to be active on social media and to be engaged with their clients and referral partners, but many are way too busy. This is the main reason IMBA Social Media was introduced.”
JOLT Marketing is the leading provider of “Done for You” Social Media for Mortgage Brokers in Canada. According to JOLT Marketing Founder, Ingrid Menninga. “At this point social media is Social CRM. If you want to effortlessly grow your mortgage business, you need to stay in touch with past clients and referral sources in the social space. But with competing priorities, and constantly changing rules on how to use social media, we’re noticing that many Brokers prefer to just have someone else take care of it for them.”

IMBA members interested in the IMBA Social Media service can get a demo and 21 day free trial, and a $350 bonus for the first 25 clients, by emailing or calling 1-877-620-5658

Get a Demo and FREE Trial of our “Done for You” Social Media for Mortgage Brokers service

MB_FacebookPageBanner_1140x400 w logo_FREE TRAIL version

Want to save time and still be a social broker?
Want to show you’re “tech savvy” without doing all the work?
Worried you’re losing valuable online leads from not being active on social media?

JOLT Marketing’s Mortgage Bulletin: “Done for You” Social Media for Mortgage Brokers is the answer!

Here’s 10 Reason’s why Mortgage Bulletin members love the “Done for You” Social Media solution.

1. It saves you tons of time
2. Your social media is done for you, so you can focus on your clients
3. The content is high quality, relevant and CANADIAN!
4. The content is randomized, so everyone get a different article on a different day
5. You get posts to your Facebook personal profile, Facebook business page, Twitter and Linkedin
6. You tell us what type of articles you want us to post and we find and post it for you
7. You tell us how often you want us to post from 1 time per week, to 7 times per week
8. You’ll be keeping in touch with your repeat and referral business on a site most are checking daily (and you could never email your contacts as often as you can update them on social media).
9. You can change your settings (like how often, or what type of articles to post) any time. It’s designed to be easy and flexible!
10. It’s crazy affordable…with packages starting at $37/month

To schedule a demo and 14 day FREE Trial call 1-877-620-5658

Here’s what Mortgage Bulletin members are saying:

“Mortgage Bulletin is a game changer…it’s simple, yet effective, the best kind of marketing. The team at CME was pleased to see Jolt’s initial launch of this program and 100% of our team joined. We have been thrilled with the results…from Brokers who had no social media presence to those with sophisticated marketing initiatives, the Mortgage Bulletin just works.”

Michael Lloyd
Team Leader, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts

“I think the services that Jolt Marketing provides on a monthly basis to run my social media is worth every penny. It saves me from wasting valuable time on social media and coming up with ideas daily. Can you do this yourself, absolutely but will you be consistent and on top of it….probably not so have someone else do it for you as being top of mind with the clients is priceless.”

Claire Drage
Mississauga Mortgage Broker

“You are saving me a ton of time! Time that I can now use to work on other opportunities to grow my business. A WIN-WIN for me!?

Janice Shuster
Vancouver Mortgage Broker

“This is a no-brainer. I spend way too much time reading for articles to post via Google alerts”

Kris Grasty
Fraser Valley Mortgage Broker

To schedule a demo and 14 day FREE Trial call 1-877-620-5658

Please Welcome Jamie – our New Marketing Operations Specialist

Hello Everyone!

The summer is in full swing, and we can feel it…with the hot weather and the fact that we haven’t heard a peep from many of you:)

I’m super excited to introduce you to our newest team member! Please send a warm welcome to Jamie Patterson, our new Marketing Operations Specialist. For many of you on our “Done for You” Social Media for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers program you may have already spoken or emailed back and forth with Jamie. (And if you’re not on the program and want to learn more about it please email and Jamie will arrange a demo and free trial for you).

If you haven’t met Jamie yet, here’s a little bit about her, written by the fabulous Jamie herself:

I am very excited to be a part of this highly motivated and talented group of mortgage and real estate marketing professionals. I come to JOLT after having spent the past 10 years in marketing, operations, sales and customer experience. I’m particularly interested and experienced in digital marketing, branding and customer relationship management having delivered on numerous initiatives for companies big and small in the past.

When away from furthering my education and professional experience I am preoccupied with my love of travel, cooking (especially experimenting with new, difficult and striking recipes), cycling, and working to refurbish old typewriters. I love creative writing and photography; both of which go well while adventuring out of country. I am looking forward to my trip to Belgium and Poland later this summer and perhaps sharing a couple musings with you all upon my return.

I’m thrilled to be a part of JOLT Marketing and I can’t wait to start contributing to the new and finely tuned customer experience and marketing efforts here.

If you require any assistance or simply wish to write and say hello, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached easily via e-mail at

All the best,



P.S. And this is kinda funny. Jamie is a very smile-y and friendly person…but she confessed she can’t smile in pictures:)

If you ever talk to her on the phone or in person, you’ll quickly realize just how “salt of the earth sweet” she is…don’t let this sassy photo fool you!

“Mortgage Success Seminars” Launches a Free Half Day Mortgage Broker Conference in Vaughan, Ontario on July 10th, 2014.

A collaboration of 3 Mortgage Marketing experts host a half day conference to help educate Mortgage Brokers on automating their businesses to achieve greater success.

Toronto, ON – Three top Mortgage Marketing Experts will be hosting “Mortgage Success Seminars: How to Successfully Automate and Underwrite to Achieve Breakthrough Success” on July 10th, 2014 in Vaughan, Ontario.

The free half day conference for Mortgage Brokers looking to grow their business will be held at Monte Carlo Inn Vaughan Suites in Vaughan, Ontario from 8:30am – 1pm and is co-hosted by Ingrid Menninga of JOLT Marketing, Vivian Giraldi of Market Connections, and Claire Drage of The Lions Share Group. Interactive and informative sessions for the conference include talks on Profitable Client Communications, “How to reduce the amount of time it requires you to successfully Underwrite and Fund a deal”, and “How to Win Repeat and Referral Mortgage Business the Smart Way with Social Media”

“The goal of the conference is to help elevate Mortgage Brokers businesses by providing clear, concise and actionable marketing and business strategies Brokers can put into place right away” said Ingrid Menninga. According to Claire Drage “As a successful Mortgage Broker myself, I spend the summers improving my education and Marketing systems in my Mortgage business, so I can have them in place to achieve a big jump of business in the fall. We’re helping Brokers to do this with our Mortgage Success Seminars”.

The event will be held July 10th, 2014 at the Monte Carlo Inn Vaughan Suites (705 Applewood Crescent, Vaughan, Ontario) from 8:30am – 1pm starting with a complimentary continental breakfast. Space is limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Free tickets to the “Mortgage Success Seminars” can be reserved at

EVENT: Free Live Webinar on “Social Media Marketing Made Easy for Mortgage Brokers


Want to generate business from Social Media without doing all the work? Join this FREE online training and learn how to do Social Media Marketing the easy way!

Join this FREE Live webinar and discover:

* the top new trends in social media marketing for Mortgage Brokers

* the biggest mistakes Brokers are making on social media & how to avoid them

* which social media sites you should be focusing on and which you can forget (this will SAVE you a ton of time!)

* how much time you should actually be spending on social media (after all…time is MONEY!)

* how to get more repeat and referral business from social media

* how to do social media that impresses prospects and wins business with no effort!


Click here to register for this free training:

To your success,
Ingrid Menninga


Ingrid Menninga is the founder of JOLT Marketing where her big mission is to put the heart back into the Real Estate and Mortgage industry while helping Agents & Brokers make awesome profits.

Within 3 years of founding JOLT Marketing, Ingrid has carved out a spectacular success roster working with Canada’s leading Real Estate and Mortgage brands with clients from RE/MAX, Royal LePage, Dominion Lending Centres, Verico, Street Capital, and more.

Ingrid is frequently featured in industry journals such as REM: Canada’s Real Estate Magazine, CAAMP’s Mortgage Journal, at speaking engagements for RE-Bar Camps, InMan’s Agent ReBoot, CMP’s The Mortgage Summit and in Sales Seminars for leading industry organizations such as IMBA(Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario).

EVENT: Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS


If you’re a member of the Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS come join us for a great day of learning and growing on Wednesday, May 21st.

There’s lots of great speakers lined up for Association Members including a Lead Generation Session from Real Estate Success Coach Cliff Baird, an “Easy to Do Video” session from That Interview Guy Michael Krisa, and a session from JOLT Marketing’s Ingrid Menninga on

“2014 Social Media Trends for REALTORS: What you don’t know will kill you (sooner or later)”

During this session Agents will learn:

* the top 5 Social Media Trends for Realtors in 2014
* where social media fits in your lead generation strategy (there’s one right way to do this, make sure you get it right!)
* simple, free & easy ways to get glowing & powerful testimonials on social media
* how to measure the ROI (return on investment) of your social media so you stop wasting valuable time and $$$ and start getting business from your favorite social media sites

See you on Wednesday!

About Ingrid:

Ingrid Menninga is the founder of JOLT Marketing where her big mission is to put the heart back into the Real Estate and Mortgage industry while helping Agents & Brokers make awesome profits.

Within 3 years of founding JOLT Marketing, Ingrid has carved out a spectacular success roster working with Canada’s leading Real Estate and Mortgage brands with clients from RE/MAX, Royal LePage, Dominion Lending Centres, Verico, Street Capital, and more.

Ingrid is frequently featured in industry journals such as REM: Canada’s Real Estate Magazine, CAAMP’s Mortgage Journal, at speaking engagements for RE-Bar Camps, InMan’s Agent ReBoot, CMP’s The Mortgage Summit and in Sales Seminars for leading industry organizations such as IMBA(Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario).


We’re Hiring: Marketing Operations Specialist Wanted

If you want to:

* Jump-start your marketing career . . .
* Get personally mentored by JOLT Marketing Founder Ingrid Menninga and other A+ marketing experts…
* Learn the online and social media marketing business from the inside out…
* Skyrocket your career faster than you ever dreamed possible

This could be the lucky break you have been waiting for!

Dear Marketing Operations Specialist,

JOLT Marketing, a leading social media and lead generation training company in the Real Estate and Mortgage space is looking for an exceptional Marketing Operations Specialist to join our team.

JOLT Marketing is a forward thinking, innovative company with 4 in-house, full time employees. Founded by Ingrid Menninga, we are regarded by our colleagues and customers as the best in innovative, out of the box and cost effective marketing ideas. We are located in beautiful (and fun!) Toronto, Ontario and are looking for a Marketing Operations Specialist who gets it!


You might be the person we are on the lookout for if you are willing to:

* Market your fingers to the bone: Full disclosure . . . we only want someone who will do what it takes to get it right.
* Live and breathe social media & online marketing: We are not concerned as much with marketing degrees as much as we are with persuasion tactics and deft skills at the art of being an “online influencer”. If you’ve got them – show us!
* Do Whatever It Takes: To meet deadlines and work to constantly improve results.
* Live, breathe and sleep our philosophy and mission.
* Live or move to Toronto, Ontario: This is an in-house position. Our cozy office is in North Toronto and we are associated with some of the most successful Real Estate and Mortgage Agents/Brokers and companies in the world.

But that’s not all . . .

You need to posses the following characteristics:

* Reliability – Are you dependable, resourceful and an experienced self-starter?
* Accountable – Do you follow through, meet deadlines and take ownership of your work?
* Positive mental attitude – Do you have lots of energy, common sense, manners and the willingness to go the extra mile?
* An authentic care about your customer – Are you a people person who loves to help customers, loves to answer every question thoroughly and professionally , knows how to handle objections over the phone, and can clearly and effectively communicate?
* Detailed and Efficient – Can you produce error free work in an efficient time frame, and do you have a “Do it right, once” attitude?

And most importantly, we are looking for someone who is self-motivated and can market well.

Wait, what exactly will you be doing?

For this job you’ll be a combination of a Social Media Community Manger, Customer Care Coordinator, and Marketing Assistant. That means you’ll get an awesome variety of work to do…all with the main goal of doing work our clients love, that management is proud of, and that sells incredibly well!

Job Requirements

* Minimum of 1 year of Community Manager or marketing experience preferred.
* BS/BA degree in marketing, communications, advertising, or business.
* Knowledge of ecommerce and internet-based business models.
* Experience in evaluating creative messages, analyzing results and optimizing campaigns.
* Excellent verbal and written communications skills, as well as presentation experience.
* Advanced knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress and Microsoft Office. Graphic Design knowledge is a bonus!

Experience with customer service, online marketing, social media and graphic design skills are strongly preferred.

OK – still interested?


Here’s what you need to do to apply . . .

Send an email to: with the subject line “Application for Marketing Operations Specialist Position”

You must send a cover letter detailing why you are a GREAT candidate. Remember this letter is your opportunity to shine (remember you are a marketer). Please include your resume.

All resumes must be received by May 16th, 2014.

Oh yeah – we offer an excellent compensation package that includes paid holidays, Friday afternoon cocktails, tons of opportunity to learn the latest and greatest marketing tactics, as well as a cool, “no politics/no B.S.” team of go-getters. This job will give you more hands on business experience than you will learn in any big, stuffy corporate job.