Video: How To Make Money with Social Media

There are lots of Agents on the social media bandwagon, and there’s lots of buzz that social media is the “new and hot” way to connect with clients and get more business.

Recently, JOLT Marketing’s Director, Ingrid Menninga, was asked to participate in a panel discussion for Inman’s Agent Reboot conference. Hundreds of Agents listened while panel moderator and Social Media Director for InMan, Katie Lance, grilled KW Commercial Agent Benjamin Bach, and our own Ingrid Menninga, on how Agents are making money with social media. The two panelists present 2 very different, yet extremely successful, approaches for using social media to increase sales, and make more money.

Watch this video on the recent Inman Agent Reboot Panel Discussion – How to Make Money with Social Media. Approximately 30 minutes with great pointers on how to find your target market in social media, which sites deliver the best return on investment (ROI), how to use your personal brand to separate yourself from the competition, and how you can find “your” social media hotspots that present you well, and let you shine.

Here’s the link to the video:

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Social media sites such as facebook, youtube, blogs, twitter, and linkedin present an unbelievable opportunity to grow your personal brand (and be remembered easily in your local area!), make yourself a community figure (i.e. get recognition easily) and turn strangers into connections into closed deals.

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Video Courtesy of Benjamin Bach – thanks for sharing Ben!